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Our Team - Steven Gracey

Meet Steven Gracey

Event Solutions Expert, weekend warrior, and aquatic adventurer.

Steven is a hard working young professional, with a strong sense of curiosity, and a drive to succeed. With a degree in business administration, Steven likes to help his customers plan events in a hassle-free and precise way – and the end-result is a seamless experience for everyone involved.

When he’s not in the office, you can probably find Steven out in the water somewhere – whether it’s a nearby pool, ocean, river, or lake. His love of being in the water goes back so far, his parents say they can’t remember a single time he didn’t take an opportunity to go for a swim. For this reason, Steven loves any type of sport that involves water, such as kite surfing, underwater diving, rowing, and sailing.

Beyond those activities, Steven also enjoys taking time to experience new places and cultures around the world. Inspired by his well-travelled older brother, Steven hopes to someday be able to say that he’s stepped foot on each of the seven continents. The next destinations he would like to travel to include Iceland, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

In his spare time, Steven also enjoys exploring the outdoors with his friends, hiking nearby trails, and trying local restaurants.