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Our Team - Chad Rissanen

Meet Chad Rissanen

Director of Sales, business growth expert, and sales mentor.

Chad is an entrepreneur who has founded three separate businesses from the ground-up. He started with only a few hundred dollars in the bank and went on to build a series of successful companies.
In the past, Chad has also worked as a leadership mentor to help executives scale up and grow their businesses. Now, Chad brings those same insights to our team in his role as Director of Sales. He works one-on-one with every Employee Engagement Consultant on the team to help them hit their targets and get more out of the workdays.
A student of life, Chad is always looking for ways to improve his habits, health, and vision. He believes in the power of mind over matter and likes to say that any challenge in life can be overcome with the right attitude. If you can change the way you think, you can change the way you live!
When he’s not in the office, Chad likes to explore the great outdoors, spend quality time with his family, and perform live music with his trusty guitar.